School Board

Board of School Trustees

The mission of the Fayette County School Corporation is to provide quality educational programs in an environment which is safe, harmonious,and conducive to learning, enabling a diverse population of all ages to become independent, productive citizens and lifelong learners.

School Board Members

Fayette County School Corporation

 Board of School Trustees

Policy 1.09 Election of Board Members

District 2 Board Member:

Leslie Jacobs




District 1 Board Member:

Lori Savoy


Vice President 


District 3 Board Members:

Chris Hunt



Mark Beard



Jeremy Williams



Ryan Baker



District 4 Board Member:

Ann Kirschner




School Board Meetings


  • Regular Board meetings, open to the public and media, are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the FCSC Administration Building.

  • Special meetings, are open to the public and media and are called when needed.

  • Executive sessions, used for discussion of sites, litigation, negotiations, and personnel are closed. No action is ever taken by the Board in any executive session.

Board Meeting Agenda

  •  The agenda serves as the framework for transaction of public business. Detailed information is provided by the Superintendent in advance of each meeting. The formal document, noting varied items of business is posted at the Administration Building, 1401 Spartan Drive, on the FCSC website, and forwarded to the media representatives prior to any scheduled session. Business categories for the agenda include:

    • Patron Comments On Agenda Items:  When a stakeholder uses the "Request to Speak" sign-up paper (available on the table in the hall) and submits it to the Board secretary at least five minutes in advance of the start of any Regular meeting, the stakeholder may address the Board for a specified number of minutes. 

    • Consent:  This portion of the agenda is voted upon by the Board and contains routine matters related to the day-to day operations of FCSC.

    • Action:  Action is the time during an agenda when the Board will talk about, and vote upon, an idea, program, proposal, or issue.

    • Discussion:  Discussion provides a time for the Board to discuss ideas, programs, proposals, and other issues. Discussion is not a time for Action by the Board but, often, occurs when the topic for Discussion will be offered for Action at an upcoming meeting or workshop.

    • Action:  Action is the time during an agenda when the Board will talk about, and vote upon, an idea, program, proposal, or issue.

    • Public Comments:  Public comments is a time when persons wishing to make the Board aware of suggestions, ideas, and/or comments may address the Board. Comments which involve personnel or students must be discussed in private.


ā€‹**Board Meeting Minutes

  • Minutes of Regular and Special sessions include all formal Board motions and formal Board actions. When pertinent to Board action, data may be attached to the minutes. After being approved by the Board, minutes become official and are open for inspection by the public 

  • Minutes of Regular scheduled meetings are posted to the website after the minutes have been approved by the School Board. For example the September minutes will be posted after the October Board Meeting approval.